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Glass Coating


This glass coating shines a car’s surface as. After years of research, this protection has proven to be exactly what every car needs to retain its like-new surface.

The Benefit of Glass Coating :

  • Hardens to form a protective shield.
  • Spray-on technology allows for easy application.
  • Clear-coat safe.
  • Improves paint hardness by at least 20%.
  • Anti-acids and anti-salts.
  • High gloss and mirror-finish effects.
  • Hydrophobic; water-repelling.
  • Dirt-deflecting, keeping paint clean longer.
  • Easy to clean,
  • Weather protection for a long lasting shine against UV and other elements.
  • Anti corrosive.
  • No need for waxing!


The Research:

CS-II Glass Coating has been researched and developed with the latest nanotechnology in order to create a product that could do amazing things to protect paint.

With the use of state-of-the-art nanotechnology, CS-II manufactures a complete line of custom-formulated protective items, including shields, waxes, polishes, compounds, cleaners, glaze, and specialty cleaning products that deliver dazzling results. In 2011, automotive dealerships are being provided with these products so that they can help protect the cars that you will one day buy.

At CS-II, our products will improve the durability and shine of your car’s paint. You will not need to wax your car to make the paint shine and glimmer, saving your time and money. By using our products, you will find that your paint lasts longer and looks more beautiful. 

Our Nano paint protection is a special nanotechnology product that provides a long-term effect on painted surfaces, including plastic trim, glass, wheels and more. This product is not just a sealer that forms a barrier on the surface. It is, rather, a modification of surface chemistry on a molecular level that provides a permanent, easy-to-clean, protected surface. Not just a coating, this product bonds with the surface and does not wash off.


Glass Coating   Glass Coating

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